Creating Exceptional Eyeglasses Since 1993



    Retro Eyeworks is here to change the way you think about glasses. The founders of Retro Eyeworks have been in the eyewear service industry for over 25 years and have found a better way. Rather than just getting one pair of frail glasses, our revolutionary new system allows you to get three pairs of high quality prescription glasses for an unbelievable price. You can even try three pairs at home at no risk to you. Located in Sunny Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on a state of the art fully automated lab. And unlike most glasses websites, all of our glasses come to you from right here in the USA.



    Years ago there was well known doctor who used to come and get a new pair of glasses every week or two. He would spend hundreds of dollars every time. It turned out that when he got angry he would throw his frames at his employees and break them. Which led to us thinking: 1. this man needs anger management, and 2. why are these frames so frial? All these famous brand names like Gucci and Prada would break at the first sign of trouble. We knew we could make something better. Each pair of Retro Eyeworks frames are made with high tech plastics that can take a beating. Used in other products like Oakley and Ray Band, our frames are super strong, lightweight and fit great on any face without adjustments. You can toss these frames across the room with no problem. We are so confident in the durability we even offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our frames.



Glasses are not just how you see the world, they can be how the world sees you. Most people tend to get one pair of glasses and wear them everyday. Would you wear the same shirt every day? Or pants? We think glasses can be a part of your wardrobe. Have a pair to match whatever the occasion, or your mood. We want to change the way you think about glasses - so we are offering 3 pairs of prescription glasses for only $99.


Welcome to the revolution in eyewear.