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Years ago there was well known doctor who used to come and get a new pair of glasses every week or two. He would spend hundreds of dollars every time. It turned out that when he got angry he would throw his frames at his employ-ees and break them. Which led to us thinking:1. this man needs anger management, and 2. why are these frames so frial? All these famous brand names like Gucci and Prada would break at the first sign of trouble. We knew we could make something better. Each pair of Retro Eyeworks frames are made with high tech plastics that can take a beating. Used in other products like Oakley and Ray Band, our frames are super strong, lightweight and fit great on any face without adjustments. You can toss these frames across the room with no problem. We are so confident in the durabil-ity we even offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our frames.

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