" We built Retro Eyeworks based on the problems we saw in the last 30 years in the optical industry, we saw many people struggle through life with ONLY one pair of glasses. Now that things have changed, one pair of glasses is never enough. That's why we offer our prescription ONLY in multiple packages. From screen time to outdoor activities, we have you covered with just ONE order! On top of that, our packages cost less than a single pair of glasses from our competitors. "

Michael, Founder

We See Things Differently.

We believe that online ordering should not be so blind, thats why we came up with the Keep3Free™ system (seriously, they're yours!). Instead of a trial fitting period, why not just keep the frames? We think our Keep3Free™ system far exceeds any of our competitors and paves a path to seamlessly fit frames before getting them prescribed.

Why Us?

The industry, right now, is flooded with overpriced frames layered on top of slow and inefficient prescription filling services. We offer affordable frames coupled with fast and efficient prescription filling service. On top of all that, All Retro Eyeworks frames are made eco-friendly through the process of using Cellulous Proprionate materials (same material used by major brands RayBans, Oakley, etc.) in an injection molding process. This ensures that we make a small carbon footprint without scarifying quality. Our frames are extremely lightweight and durable, ideal for comfort as well.

How it Works

Our Keep 3 Freeā„¢ System allows you to seamlessly try the frames in the comfort of your home with no need to return them! Just pay $9.99 for S/H & when you're ready, without leaving your home, grab your prescription and place your order online. It's that easy!

Already know the style of glasses frames you like most? Order your favorite frame with your prescription in a multi-pack of 3 for ONLY $69.00! (Not including S/H + taxes)

     See What People are Saying!

"I highly recommend Retro Eyeworks! I have a horrible astigmatism, and have always found glasses shopping to be a very expensive task. I typically pay upwards of $300 for one pair of glasses...then I have to send them back to my eye doctor several times to "fix" them so I can actually see with them. With Retro Eyeworks, I had an amazing experience. I picked out 3 sets of adorable glasses - I paid $129 for all three, including the prescription (I paid extra for additional features). Every time I sent an email to the company, I got a friends, polite, and professional response within 24 hours. I received my glasses within 2 weeks of ordering them. It usually takes my eye doctor nearly a month to fill my "difficult" prescription! The real magic happened when I tried on the glasses. Never, in my many years of wearing expensive, designer glasses, have I ever seen so clearly!! The lenses are top quality, and my vision is crystal clear. I am amazed that the process was so simple, quick, and flawless. The best part is that I have not one, but THREE frames! I have never had such a wonderful glasses-shopping experience in my life...Thank you, Retro Eyeworks! I will definitely be buying from you again." - Liz Balettie

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